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PCS wants to know what Milwaukee area businesses like to see from their telecom provider: both in products and in services. Click on “Solutions for Common Issues” to the right and join the conversation!

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  1. profadmin says:

    As the 2014 Year comes to a close, now is the time to look back on the carrier services your business has used over the past 12 months. Does the service your current business relies on fit your business needs? Are you overpaying for services? At PCS, we can work with your business to uncover hidden cost saving and product enhancements. Don’t fit your business model around a carrier; search for the carrier that will fit your business needs. Contact PCS today-we will analyze your current services and make recommendation on carrier services, provide the contract, and manage those services on your behalf.

  2. profadmin says:

    With Millennials entering the workforce, teleworking has become more and more popular. Is your company ready to compete for talent? If not, give PCS a call. Mitel has made the teleworker more accessible than ever. If you are unfamiliar with Dynamic Extension and the benefits it brings to your business, it’s time to Make the Move to Mitel.

  3. profadmin says:

    The wet spring weather can bring outages-be sure to call Professional Communication Systems at the time of your carrier outage so that we can trouble resolute ASAP! Keeping your business up-and-running is our #1 priority!

  4. profadmin says:

    Understanding the limits of current services can also help companies identify where improvements are needed. We at PCS believe customers should know about their telecom solutions. We offer free consultations to help our customers identify what is working, what is not, and how to improve and streamline services and solutions to better suit business needs.

  5. profadmin says:

    Professional Communication Systems offers many types of business phone systems for companies of all sizes. The MiVoice Office is perfect for the small to mid-sized businesses. Large and enterprise companies would benefit from the MiVoice Business solution. Take advantage and get connected to Professional Communication Systems today!

  6. profadmin says:

    Tools that can help improve customer service levels and reduce operational costs are important. Mitel’s Remote Monitoring service solution is now available to all PCS customers who chose to add-on to their current or new Mitel Solution. The foundation of this tool set and service is the Mitel MarWatch platform. MarWatch supports remote access and monitoring management of an entire Mitel Unified Communications solution! Contact PCS for more information or to schedule an appointment to learn more!

  7. profadmin says:

    Returning Headset to the Cradle Doesn’t Hang-Up Call: Try dialing 317. If you see ‘HEADSET MODE OFF’, you should be all set. If you see ‘HEADSET MODE ON’, dial 317 again and call PCS for further technical support.

  8. profadmin says:

    Your Telephone Doesn’t Ring (pt. 3): Try dialing 398. You will see “SELECT RING TYPE (0-9) OR SCROLL”. Select any number other than 0 or press the volume up or down key to sample types. When you hear the type you like press the center of the volume key to save. If your phone still does not ring, please contact PCS for a solution.

  9. profadmin says:

    Your Telephone Doesn’t Ring (pt. 2): Try dialing 324. If you see “ACCEPT HUNT GROUP CALLS”, you should be all set. If you see “DIVERT HUNT GROUP CALLS”, dial 324 again. You will see “ACCEPT HUNT GROUP CALLS”.

  10. profadmin says:

    Your Telephone Doesn’t Ring: Ensure that your phone is not manually forwarded. If it is, the FWD key (if you have one) will be lit and the display will say “ALL CALLS FORWARDED TO”. To cancel all forwarding, dial 355 then #.

  11. profadmin says:

    Calls do not go to your mailbox if you do not answer: Try dialing ~354. If you see “SYSTEM FORWARD ON”, the issue has been corrected. If you see “SYSTEM FORWARD OFF” , dial ~354 once more. The display will then show “SYSTEM FORWARD ON”. Contact PCS for further assistance if this issue is not resolved.

  12. profadmin says:

    Alarm 114: T1 is down. If you have a T1 and you know that it is down, this is quite normal.
    Alarm 203: Voicemail is down. Please contact us for a solution.

    Please contact us on all other alarms! Alarms can be cleared by dialing 9850 at any station that displays the alarm. This will clear all displays. Please note that this only clears the displays and does nothing to correct the issues that caused the alarms. Also, most alarms must be cleared manually even after the problem has been resolved.

  13. profadmin says:

    Alarm 100: One extension is having connection problems. Sometimes the phone is unaffected, but the problem persists. PCS can run an error report to determine which phone is having a problem.

  14. profadmin says:

    Alarm 11: This means that someone has dialed 911 from the extension displayed.
    Alarm 10: This means that the extension number displayed is off-hook and not in use. This alarm will clear automatically once the phone is hung up. If you see ANY other problems please contact us!

    Certain alarms require immediate attention while not showing any obvious problems. Even if you know what to do about the alarm, notify us to the fact that the alarm happened, as we may see it related to another problem.

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