Adds, Moves, and Changes: Businesses change. As your business evolves, PCS will be there to make the process fast and simple! PCS will provide all required equipment and service for system re-locations, telephone add-ons, computer and peripheral additions, programming changes, and system administration services. For any adds, moves, or changes, contact the PCS Service Department.

User Training: PCS user training is customized to the device being used by your staff at the desktop level. Training is usually performed in group settings, lasting approximately 1 hour, concluding in an interactive questions-and-answer session with the PCS Service Representative. Special training is also available to those individuals who require additional system knowledge, including Call Center, Call Accounting, Unified Messaging, and CTI (Computer Telephony Integration).

Administrative Training: PCS will also provide basic systems administrative training for managerial employees assigned to perform routine system administration. This training is typically performed one-on-one, and lasts approximately 4 hours. Administrative training provides the individual with a base knowledge of systems programming parameters for simple in-house AMC.

PCS Customer C.A.R.E Warranty Program: Your telephone system is a valuable asset. The PCS CARE Warranty provides full coverage for replacement parts and labor to fix and repair any defects caused by normal wear-and-tear.This includes expensive repairs to the central control components, system software, IP/Digital/Analog telephones, system cards, VM system, and cable infrastructure. Retail costs for replacement parts and labor are costly. Plus, labor costs for other requirements such as additions, moves, and changes (AMC) without coverage revert to retail, costing your business more for each hour of needed service. By subscribing to the PCS CARE Warranty, your business will receive the full coverage service and support benefits provided at the time of installation.

Responsible Electronic Recycling: PCS has partnered with many reputable electronic recycling companies to ensure safe and environmentally conscious removal and disposal of all used hardware. Electronic recycling services include: Onsite data destruction, state of the art degausser and shredding, secure transport of data containing devices, transfer of liability, and more.



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