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“I have been working with Mitel (& PCS) for almost two years now. I did not have any training when I began using the system at a new job. The system is quite easy to learn and has so many great options such as voicemail to your email. Even if you accidently delete the message from your phone you can replay it through your computer. I love the instant messaging. You can be on the phone with a client and message a co-worker with a question at the same time. I believe this system saves me precious time on a daily basis. I have worked with several phone systems in my time but this one has to be by far the greatest. ”                         -M.E. Dey associate.


A short story about Alarm codes: We received a call from a customer with an old Axxess phone system. He was down and we needed to get onsite “now!” Of course every down system is taken seriously so I was dispatched. When I arrived he was frantic and wanted to know what happened. I figured out the problem right away but it wasn’t good. His system had defaulted and his database was gone. I had to tell him the bad news. He listened intently and when I had finished he said “I knew I should have called…” It was at that point that I knew there was more to the story. “Called about what?” I asked. “Well” he started, “I have been getting an alarm on my phone for the last 5 months. I just cleared it every day when I would come in”. I asked him what alarm code had he been clearing for the last five months. I knew before he told me… alarm 111, “The dead battery alarm”. It was just a matter of time before the system lost power and the database would default. I spent the next two hours rebuilding his database with him looking over my shoulder. He knew that if he had just called PCS, he could have saved over 2 hours of down time. Just remember, if you get an alarm on your phone you can clear it but write it down and call PCS. We will tell you what’s going on with your system and if you need us to come out.


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